We aimed to be proud of Iran & Iran's leading food industry and one of the best in the world. We look forward to customers and consumer's food products, we think about their obvious and hidden needs, and we believe that the one who does not think to the customers , does not think at all.
Providing diversified food products with Persian tasted that provide a relaxing, pleasant experience and enjoyment of quality food and consumer satisfaction.
  • Responsibility

    We are aware of our social responsibility and we will do our best to provide the customer with the customer's satisfaction and shareholder benefits to the interests of the community in which we live. Environmental cleanliness is our top priority and we are fully committed to our social mission.

  • The Trust

    Our customers and enthusiasts can trust the quality, freshness and originality of Farsi food products. Because we strive to provide them with a sense of calm and pleasant experience by delivering their expected value.

  • Cooperation

    By focusing on providing superior value to stakeholders, we will work hard to create and maintain optimal exchanges with target markets in order to respect the interests of our stakeholders and even our competitors.

  • Human Capital

    Internal marketing is the leading topic of thinking in Farsi. Employees are our domestic customers and the biggest capital for us. We are satisfied that we can ensure that our services can be delivered even higher than expected. Good company is good staff. <>

  • Excellence

    With continuous effort and effort, we are best off doing all the work. Disciplined people disciplined thoughts disciplined performance

  • Hajj Mohammad Ali Farsi, the founder of Farsi food production in 1344, , assumed the pilgrimage of the land of revelation, and after twenty years of management of the Hajj group, he began his activity in the year 1364 in the performance , Delivered and service of the Food to customers Houses , and according to Thanks to the growing satisfaction and satisfaction of our customers, we were able to add to our quality every day.
    And during these years, we put our criticisms and constructive suggestions at the forefront.
    Now, after a lifetime of 44 years, trying hard and experiencing a lot of experience, the Farsi Food Industrial Group is proud to host your home, party, celebration, meeting, and in other words.
    We conducted extensive research across borders and abroad and eventually selected the best German company in the field of designing and constructing an industrial plant and industrial kettle industry called TIF Technologies & Concept and carrying out all the planning, planning and layout processes with their advice and oversight. We then used the top domestic consultants and partnered with TIF Technologies & Concept on the one hand and the purchase of machines and appliances from the best and most reliable companies in Germany, Austria and Italy. The production of the Farsi food industrial group, which is one of the most industrial and unique factories in the Middle East and we have been in operation Since 1395.
    With the grace of the Almighty God and the use of internal and external capabilities, backed by nearly half a century of history in flavors, sculptures and consumer tastes, we were able to produce and supply healthy food products with the original taste of homemade no preservatives, and We create a demand for healthy food in the Iranian community. All the raw materials we use in our products are all handmade, elegant and of good quality. For example, the use of hot meat is the day of slaughter in all products (red meat, chicken , Fish), which is associated with a process with European day technology in the world The use of well-equipped and advanced chemical and biological laboratories with respect to health and safety, monitoring 7/24, advanced automation, and human resources enabled us to produce quality, healthy, original, delicious and gourmet products for the community, and material and spiritual costs. , Reduce their time and thought so that they can safely entertain their guests with a healthy and tasty meal at any time and place. At present, Farsi food products can be obtained from chain stores and local stores. Hoping for a healthy time with healthy food, healthy living and a healthy community. Eat healthy, live healthy


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